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WIZIQ is very competitively priced. There are an ever increasing number of LMS these days. What is your unique selling point. Give one reason why we should move to your platform.

RSA Tafe

Wow, this program looks fantastic. I can't believe you are offering online education and a virtual classroom for free on the internet. That just seems unheard of! I look forward to seeing this being developed.


This really a fantastic tool to use when you are home schooling and what makes it even better is that it is free.


Hi Jeanine,

We posted a response by email to you as we need more details on your error. Could you please check your mail so that we can co-ordinate with you to solve this issue?

Jagdeep Singh Pannu


Hi Patrick,

As of now, a recording of an archived session cannot be removed and replaced with another. We will soon be coming up with the delete option in recordings so that users are able to delete the session recordings that they don’t require.

jagdeep Singh Pannu


How do I remove an archived session that I want to replace with another which contains corrected information for example?


I have used WIZIQ at work and it is a brilliant tool, until I came home to use it on my laptop. I select a private session and schedule it to occur immediately, but as soon as I launch it and Authorlive needs to load the online Whiteboard I am timed out and the site has a 'no longer responding' response. I need assistance to get past this point and begin to use this amazing too. Please help if you can offer some advice.


i m searching for it for long.



It's great to learn something on the internet.

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