WizIQ Training Sessions




Please see the publish date for this release. It's Jan 22, 2007. At the time of this release, the module was free. Over time, we enhanced some features and we now offer the module as a trial version with advanced features. Thanks for pointing out anyway; we added an update at the top of the post to avoid confusion to future visitors.

The team @WiZiQ


Hey..the title says it's FREE,
but upon downloading you'll have a TRAIL then Pricing..
Plz OMIT the word FREE, else you are big LIERs.


It's be better if QizIQ didn't claim ownership of all notes, slides, etc. in its TOS right after it gives users the option of marking content as private. Not interested--defeats the purpose of Moodle. If I create course content, I'm not giving it away.

How about some open source conferencing software?


Would be great to do the same for Joomla where Joomla could act as the CMS for the site foundation and then leverage WizIQ for the LMS.

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