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July 05, 2011



Very nice, thank you!


Thanks Mario and Sadiya for sharing how you plan to work with flipped classrooms. We will surely be promoting this concept more in the times to come!

Thanks @Carmen and @Saurabh for your comments.

Saurabh Mathure



Flipped classrooms I think are truly good. Even if it followed in higher schools it would benefit the students better as the most number of questions arise when they are doing their homework and no teachers are willing to explain at that time. You should try to make this more famous. I think I will when I do my training of teachers and see how much it works..

Carmen Rosa

Very interesting to save and win time.
Carmen Rosa

Mario Olivares

I agree 100% with flipped classes. I am a teacher but mainly tutoring students with learning problems at school. In ntutoring what I do is homework with the students and they really enjoy it. With my ESL Course as soon as I have my classes recorded I will surely start with this new concept. Yours

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