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August 10, 2010



Yeh i just checked its fixed.

Distance Learning

As a student, I'd be motivated to participate more in a virtual classroom if it is free of errors & has fun updates.

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@1nbm this could happen in two scenarios:

You have shared your class URL (from the browser address bar) with an attendee and that attendee has launched the class using that URL. The problem link is the one that appears in your browser's address field when the Virtual Classroom is launched and not the actual class link, which is retrieved by clicking on “Get Class Link and Embed code” Its an encrypted URL that allows only one login at a time as it's associated with your WiZiQ Id.

2. An Internet connection break at your end (a few seconds) and you log back immediately after the disconnection. In such a case, you can login after a gap of 30 seconds.

Smilies will be launched with the updated release of the new Virtual Classroom. It is due in a week or max. 2.


I have attended two sessions in the past 48 hours, one as a student and one as a presenter. Both sessions ended abruptly, a couple of minutes earlier than expected, and the error message “you are already signed into the session on another browser or system. Please sign-out from there and refresh” appeared on my screen.

Also - when will the smileys be working? :)


Хотелось бы читать на русском языке

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