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July 31, 2008


Vikrama Dhiman

@Andres : I am afraid there is no other alternative for now. We are building an integrated screen sharing app for the virtual classroom and it should be out soon.


Vikrama Dhiman
Product Manager


Hi. I tried the freeware recommended but there's a great difference in the quality of the image compared to other tools with desktop sharing (LogMeIn, Webex, etc.).
What other software can we try, besides VHScrCap?

Vikrama Dhiman

Andrew : The software does work with Vista. For best results try with Internet Explorer 7.0.

KHansen : No, at present this is not available for OSX.

TSmith : Please close the WiZiQ window :) Just open the window you want to share and make sure the WiZiQ window is minimized.

MRice : Thank you for your comments. Do let us know if you have any more questions.

Karen : Can you try again? Maybe copying and pasting would work better.


Andrew Lauman

This software isn't working for me. I have tried to email their support...no response.

Does this software work with Vista?


Is screen sharing available to OS X presenters?


I can't get my desktop sharing - it reproduces my wiziq window over and over inside each window.


This is so cool! I just tried out Gotomeeting, which also has a screensharing feature, but definitely it is not as cool as WiZiQ since the interface is pretty dull and complicated. Good job WiZiQ!

Karen Bonaker

The link does not work to the add on for screen sharing.


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