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May 19, 2008


Omid Burgin

Hi Jagdeep

Great teaching tool!!! I've successfully installed it and it works fine. There are two issues though:

1. My students don't speak English and most of them weren't able to get through your registration process. They speak Portuguese. My suggestions:
a. add several world language options for non-English speakers
b. better: use the same login info from Moodle
c. waive the login procedures for students and only require it from teachers

2. When I try to schedule the class, I get a +13 time zone difference and I have to always calculate a 16 hour diference, which is very cumbersome. My Moodel is set to -3 and so is my computer. I have also set my preferences at your site to -3, but that didn't affect the +13 at class creation.

Thanks for your help and sugestions.

Omid Bürgin.


I teach online using Moodle however I have no support from the server regarding the moodle program that I am using.

I do not want to mess things up.

Is there step by step info of what I need to do to add Wiziq to my moodle...


behzad rad

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Brenda Branson

Has anyone done a book club type discussion with WiZiQ

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