WizIQ Training Sessions

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November 24, 2009



This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers who can teach and also, learn and earn.

Acai Optimum

Just heard about WiZiQ from a colleague today... I will definitely like to see its earning potential!


You would need to explore WiZiQ closely to see who all are using the platform. Teachers, tutors, education service providers, schools and universities--all are using WiZiQ. Currently, we do not have an accreditation service integrated in the platform but we will be working to bring it on in the near future. The platform has been working well with thousands of learners for continuing education too.

Jagdeep Singh Pannu

University Distance Learning

What type of teachers are using this service? I assume this is not for teachers of accredited degree programs... or am I wrong?

Or is this more for continuing education?

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