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February 07, 2008



I have recently begun a TEFL course with an intention to go to Vietnam. I do not have a degree. Can I enroll as a teacher on your site and teach before i have completed my TEFL course?

Ganhe dinheiro na Internet

Thats a good idea,
SO I could do that also, but teaching portuguese instead.
I know we can get rooms for conference too.

Nicky Sullivan

this seems like an old post, but I'm disabled and may be interested in doing this


Hi Melinda,

The basic membership on WizIQ is free. Advanced features can be used with Premium plans, which come with a trial.

Melinda Teer

Confused by the "It's FREE" statement. Pay "not a dime to use the virtual classroom"? Did you mean that there is a 30 day free trial?

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You don't need a phone. Ryan, let us know if you need more information. Drop us an email at support@wiziq.com


Vikrama Dhiman
Product Manager

Ryan G

Very interesting opportunity indeed. Will have to look into this a bit further.

Make Money

That's pretty interesting, actually. Do you ever need to use the phone?


Hi Jurovi,

Thanks for your interest in WiZiQ. We look forward to your feedback.


Hi Bhagya,

The best way to be successful in teaching online is to market your profile. It can make a huge difference if you have your profile splashed all over the Internet in interest groups related to your subject. You can use the "View my Profile" button code available to you when you are signed in on WiZiQ and you go to the profile edit page to use on your sites/blogs like Nellie has done it here:
See the latest posts on this blog for more tips. We are sure opportunities will come by if you yourself promote your profile.


I had no idea about WIZIQ, but I am going to explore it and give it a go.
Thanks for this nice post.


awaiting opportunity

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